Breakfast Menu
From 10 - 11:30 am

£11.50    The Full Fruin: Puddledub bacon, Stornaway black pudding, sausage, egg (as you like), tomato, flat cap mushroom & toasted homemade bloomer  
£9.00      Roast chorizo sausage, green chilli scrambled egg, toasted himemade granary
£12.50   Smoked salmon scrambled eggs, toasted homemade brioche            
£8.00     Eggs Benedict, 2x poached eggs, Puddledub smoked shoulder bacon & hollandaise sauce on toasted bloomer
£7.50     Eggs Funghi: 2x poached eggs, flat cap mushrooms & hollandaise sauce on toasted bloomer  
£8.50     Eggs Stornaway: 2x poached free range eggs, Stornaway black & white pudding & hollandaise sauce on toasted bloomer
£5.50     Eggs on toast: Eggs cooked to your liking served on buttered toasted bloomer                                         

Filled roll of your choice including bacon, egg, sausage, tomato, mushroom, black pudding, tomato:
£3.00    One filling
£3.75    Two filling
£4.50    Three filling                                                                                                                                                                          

£5.00    Buttermilk pancakes OR Buttermilk waffles (x2)
£2.00    Add Smoked Puddledubbacon
£1.50    Maple syrup, banana, nutella, berry compote, chantilly crean

£3.00    Toasted Homemade Bloomer and butter 
75p         With HomemadeJam

£3.50     Traditional Scottish porridge
£4.00      With honey or banana